As a member of The Bulldog Group, all of our employees receive extensive training in job site safety. Our employees receive drug screening at the time of hire as well as randomly while in our employ. Failure of a drug screening is cause for dismissal. In addition, we perform background checks and DMV records checks on all of our employees.


Job Site Safety Standards

The Bulldog Group’s companies have a superior EMR rating and we have one of the lowest rates in the country (75% below average) for illness or accidents.

Each year, the NC Department of Labor recognizes companies that achieve and maintain the highest level of safety standards. This year, CSC Awnings was awarded the Gold Award, which highlights our extremely low incident rate. We are very proud of our team for this achievement.

Steven Dyer is our Safety Director. His experience and dedication to safety make CSC Awnings, Inc. and all of The Bulldog Groups members, a leader in the industry. Learn More about the Bulldog Group’s Safety Program. 

We are 100% committed to safety in our work environments.

If you have a safety issue to report, please call our Safety Hotline.