Insulated Wall Panels

We have the capabilities to quickly provide an energy efficient insulated wall panel meeting specification for current codes and have installed several recent projects using AWIP (All Weather Insulated Wall Panels) and RMax EcoMax CI Wall Systems.

AWIP-BrochurePlease check out our insulated wall panel project portfolio. It’s full of great examples on how CSC Awnings, Inc. provides more than awnings and canopies.

All Weather Insulated Wall Panels

From freezing rain to hot, dry temperatures, your building structures are put to the test with elements that are largely out of your control. That’s why we use All Weather Insulated Wall Panels for our customers. They are designed specifically to regulate the interior climate regardless of the exterior conditions.  And they are available in a full range of colors, finishes and fastening options.

AWIP System Advantages

    dotEnergy Efficient: Closed cell polyisocyanurate insulation used in AWIP are superior when compared to other insulating materials.

    dotCost Saving: Single Pass installation installs quickly and saves on labor costs. The panels also reduce structural costs because of their high strength-to-weight ratio.

    dotVersatile: Panels can be used in horizontal or vertical applications, as well as with most any design vision.

    dotSustainable: Panels are 100% recyclable and reuseable and are made with a minimum of 30% recycled steel content. Using panels by AWIP will contribute to your LEED® credits.

    dotDurable: The panels last as long as typical buildings and require very little maintenance.

    dotFire Rated Panels available.

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RMax EcoMax CI Wall System

RMax EcoMax CI Wall System consolidates three steps of steel stud exterior wall installation into one rigid insulation board. By incorporating the glass mat gypsum sheathing, air and vapor barrier and thermal insulation into one fire resistant foil-faced polyisocyanurate board, we have created a cost-effective method to comply with all aspects of the 2012 International Building Code requirements for continuous insulation, air and moisture infiltration and fire protection.

Download: Exterior Wall Data Sheet | Installation Instructions | Benefits and Specs

Cost effective method meets 2012 International Building Code Requirements.

Expanded Installation Service Areas

We are happy to help with projects that are outside of our local office area of Winston Salem, Charlotte and Greensboro, NC. For your convenience and service needs, we also have a full installation team in Raleigh (Eastern North Carolina) and Virginia.

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